Divine Quest: Hanuman’s Epic Journey to Retrieve the Sanjivani Herb

    hanuman with sanjivani

    Once upon a time, in the ancient kingdom of Ayodhya, there lived two noble princes named Rama and Lakshman. Rama, the eldest, was known far and wide for his righteousness, bravery, and unwavering devotion to dharma (duty). Lakshman, his loyal and courageous younger brother, stood by his side through every triumph and trial.


    One day, a wicked demon king named Ravana kidnapped Rama’s beloved wife, Sita, and whisked her away to his kingdom of Lanka. Determined to rescue his beloved, Rama embarked on a perilous journey with Lakshman by his side. Together, they traversed forests, crossed rivers, and faced countless challenges on their quest to reunite with Sita.

    During their epic journey, Rama and Lakshman encountered allies and adversaries alike. One of their most steadfast allies was Hanuman, a mighty monkey warrior blessed with incredible strength, wisdom, and devotion. Hanuman was also the avatar of Lord Shiva. Hanuman pledged his unwavering loyalty to Rama and became an integral part of their quest to defeat Ravana and rescue Sita.

    As the battle between Rama’s forces and Ravana’s army reached its climax, Lakshman found himself in mortal peril. In a fierce skirmish, he was struck by a powerful arrow coated with a deadly poison, hurled by Ravana’s son, Indrajit (Meghnath). Lakshman fell to the ground, gravely wounded, and the entire army was filled with despair at the sight of their beloved prince in agony.

    Rama, overcome with grief and concern for his brother, realized the gravity of the situation. He knew that only a miracle could save Lakshman from the clutches of death. Desperate for a solution, he turned to Hanuman, his loyal friend and devotee, for help.

    Hanuman, ever eager to serve his beloved master, stepped forward without hesitation. He vowed to find the elusive Sanjivani herb, a miraculous plant capable of reviving the dead and curing any ailment, and bring it back to save Lakshman’s life. Then Hanuman embarked on a journey to find the curing herb taking the name of him master Shri Ram.

    Hanuman’s journey took him across vast oceans, towering mountains, and dense forests teeming with life. Along the way, he encountered numerous challenges that tested his strength, wisdom, and resolve.

    In one instance, Hanuman faced a fearsome demon guarding the entrance to a treacherous valley. With his quick wit and unmatched agility, Hanuman outsmarted the demon, diverting its attention with a clever ruse and slipping past unnoticed.

    In another trial, Hanuman traversed a perilous mountain pass shrouded in thick mist, where the air grew thin and icy winds howled with ferocious intensity. Undeterred by the harsh conditions, Hanuman pressed on, his determination unyielding as he braved the elements with unwavering resolve.

    Hanuman singing name of Ram

    As Hanuman journeyed deeper into the heart of the Himalayas, he encountered mystical beings and wise sages who imparted valuable knowledge and guidance along his path. With each encounter, Hanuman’s understanding of the world grew, and his spirit soared with newfound wisdom and enlightenment.

    At long last, after overcoming countless obstacles and enduring untold hardships, Hanuman reached the sacred peak of Mount Dronagiri, where the Sanjivani herb was said to grow. The mountain stood tall and majestic, its slopes adorned with lush foliage and vibrant blooms.

    With reverence in his heart, Hanuman approached the sacred grove where the Sanjivani herb flourished. The air was filled with a sweet fragrance, and a sense of tranquility enveloped the surroundings as Hanuman beheld the wondrous sight before him.

    With gentle hands, Hanuman plucked the precious herb from the earth, marveling at its radiant beauty and divine potency. But he was confused whether it was really sanjivani or not. So he decided to carry the whole mountain in his arm. He launched himself up the air and rush towards the battlefield.

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    With each step homeward, Hanuman’s heart swelled with anticipation, his thoughts consumed by the urgency of his mission and the hope of reuniting with his beloved comrades. The fate of Lakshman hung in the balance, and Hanuman vowed to spare no effort in his quest to deliver the life-saving herb and bring about his miraculous recovery.

    At last, Hanuman reached the battlefield, his form towering over the fray as he descended from the heavens alongĀ  with the whole mountain in his arms. With the help of sushain healer, they recognized the sanjivani from the mountain and approached Lakshman’s lifeless body and placed the miraculous plant upon his chest.

    In a moment of divine grace and magic, the Sanjivani herb worked its wonders. Lakshman’s pale face regained its color, his shallow breaths grew deep and steady, and the poison coursing through his veins was neutralized.

    Lakshman’s eyes fluttered open, and he rose from his death-like slumber, alive and well once more. The entire army erupted into cheers and jubilation at the miraculous sight of Lakshman’s recovery.


    Rama, overjoyed at the return of his beloved brother, embraced Hanuman with tears of gratitude streaming down his face. He praised Hanuman for his unwavering devotion, bravery, and selflessness, and bestowed upon him the highest honors and blessings.

    From that day forth, Hanuman’s heroic feat of saving Lakshman with the Sanjivani herb became the legend. His tale of bravery, loyalty, and divine intervention was recounted and revered for generations to come, inspiring countless souls with its message of hope, courage, and unwavering faith.


    And so, with Lakshman’s life restored and their resolve strengthened, Rama, Lakshman, and Hanuman continued their journey to Lanka, united in their quest to vanquish the forces of darkness and restore peace and righteousness to the world.


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