Depressed people

    Are you suffering from depression?

    Want to know the real reason behind depression?

    How to get rid of this depression in a simpler and more natural way?

    Then this topic is for you. Let’s start with an example of a foolish person.

    Understanding Depression

    Once there was a foolish person who was trying to put out the fire. All he had was ghee. He was putting that ghee in the fire to extinguish it. For some time, the fire became small but later was amplified by fierce burning. The person now is afraid to see such a great fire. Again, to extinguish it, he puts some ghee on it, which makes the fire smaller temporarily. The person was so happy to see the fire decreasing. But after some moments, the fire burned very intensely, which made the person very afraid. He kept on continuing the same process, and the fire was increasing each time. We might think that this person is very foolish, but if we realize ourselves, we will find that we are similar to him. How ?

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    Main Cause of Depression

    Actually, inside the subtle heart of every human being there is an intense fire called “Dawanal”. It is the main reason of depression. In order to pacify that “Dawanal” we have been desiring many things from eternity, but when the desire gets fulfilled, it rather intensifies the fire (Dawanal), just like ghee intensified fire previously. For example, a person desires to have a beautiful girl in his life, and fortunately, his desire gets fulfilled. He will become very happy after marrying the girl, just like the person who pacified the fire by putting ghee into it. But after some months, he will get frustrated with that same beautiful girl whom he once desired. It is similar to the situation when the fire intensified previously with the help of ghee.

    Let’s take another example. Suppose a person was working very hard to become a police inspector, and fortunately, one day, he became one. Then he became very happy, just like the person who was happy to see the fire pacified with the help of ghee. But later, he realizes that he is under the control of his supreme officers, and his happiness at achieving his goal is transformed into misery. Now he wants to achieve the higher post just like the person was repeatedly putting the ghee in the fire in order to pacify it.

    How to get rid of Depression ?

    A question remains: how can we extinguish this “Dawanal” inside our heart? The answer is very simple. Only singing the name and virtues of Shri Krishna, his divine forms, pastimes, virtues, divine abode, and saints (Naam, Roop, Leela, Guna, Dham, Jan) can extinguish that deadly fire. Except that there is no option to extinguish that fire; rather, it will be intensified if we try to do so. So from today on, we will sing the name and virtues of Shri Krishna, along with the sweet remembrance of his divine form.

    I want to give you two practical guides that you can start using today to get rid of your depression.

    1. Meditating upon the divine form of Shri Krishna

    Take any picture of Shri Krishna you like and look at it for some time. Then close your eyes and imagine his form inside your mind. Try to make the picture as lively as you can. You can imagine that Krishna is alive by thinking that he is breathing, moving his body, blinking his eyes, etc. Do this for at least 10 minutes a day.

    Lord Shri Krishna, God

    2. Chanting the name of Krishna

    There is a mantra named Hare Ram Mahamantra, which contains

    “Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram Ram, Hare Hare

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare”

    You can sing this mantra at least 108 times a day. You can either use a mala if you wish to count or simply chant without a mala. And while chanting, don’t forget to meditate upon the form of Shri Krishna upon which you have been meditating, which we discussed in point number one.

    It will only take almost 20 minutes to do these two things daily and if you sincerely practice this for even 21 days you will feel significant change in yourself. You will think more positively and will get rid of depression.

    What is our true goal ?


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