Importance of Human form that we achieve

    Krishna arjun gita

    The human body, which we attain right now, is very valuable because only in this form can we achieve our ultimate aim. The real karma can only happen in this form and not in any other form among the 8.4 million life forms. There is one form that is more intelligent and powerful than human form, and that is the form of celestial god in heaven, whereas the problem is they can’t do sadhana or karma, which means that is only bhog yoni. All other forms are less intelligent than human beings. In conclusion, this human form is the only form where we can achieve our true aim, which is to achieve Krishna, or infinite bliss.

    Krishna arjun gita

    This human body we attain right now is even rare to celestial gods, and after thousands of births, one attains this invaluable human form. But we are not realising this importance and wasting our time in education, jobs, business, collecting wealth, prestige, etc., forgetting our real aim. What is the final outcome? We have lost our invaluable human form along with its knowledge and have had to roam in other life forms like dogs, cats, donkeys, insects, plants, etc. for millions of years. It is similar to a case where a businessman invested a huge amount of money in a project and suffered such a loss that he even lost his capital. By wasting this invaluable human form, we are moving down the path of our own destruction, which is irreversible.

    Why did we waste this human form? There is only one reason, which is our yearning to find true happiness in this world. Some think that, after attaining a higher level of education, I will get a good job and be happy in life. While some want to gratify their sense organs by enjoying life, they are unaware that the real happiness lies in God, not in this material world.

    It is like everyone is running to drink water because they are thirsty, and their thirst is so great that they even forget to know the direction of the river and are running away from it. They are just running to quench their thirst, unaware of where the river is. Similarly, we are rigorously putting our effort into this world to attain real happiness, but no matter how rich we become or how much prestige we gain, there is no real happiness in it. We are running so fast to gain happiness in this world that even we are not stopping and thinking for even one second, “Is there happiness in this world?” Everyone is running to get happiness in this world, but the reality is that even the billionaires take medicine for depression and tension, which proves there is no real happiness in money, though it fulfils our basic needs.

    Shri Krishna

    Our mind is like a machine that works continuously; it does not have a stoppage. It is stated in the Gita as well, by Shri Krishna. “न हि कश्चित्क्षणमपि जातु तिष्ठत्यकर्मकृत् । कार्यते ह्यवशः कर्म सर्वः प्रकृतिजैर्गुणैः ॥ ३-५॥” This sloka states that not even for a single second, our mind stops acting. It always contemplates something. Why is it always active? The reason is that it wants infinite happiness but has been unable to find it since eternity. Why do we do anything? to get that infinite happiness. But the problem is that we are searching for it on the wrong side of the track. We are searching for happiness in the world, while that happiness lies in God. Only God possesses that infinite happiness. We are running so much for this happiness that we really forget to find out where it really is. Everyone is searching for this in the material world. For example, if we want to reach a destination, we plan our trip and only start our journey, but in the journey of our lives, we are running here and there without any plan and without knowing where our true destination is.


    Now that we know that we are souls and that our real happiness lies in God, we must now never run towards the material world. Yes, the material world is important to us. We need money, but that money and world are for the fulfilment of the needs of our body. Money can buy us any material thing, but it cannot give our soul what it wants. It cannot give us infinite happiness. Money can buy things that can gratify our sense organs but can never satisfy the soul. Thus, the destination of the soul is only to God, where there is infinite bliss, which we have been searching for since eternity.

    Conclusion: The material world is important for our survival and fulfiling the needs of our body, but it cannot fulfil the desires of the soul. The soul wants infinite happiness, and it only lies in God.








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