Krishna smashing the pride of Satyabhama, Garuda and Sudarshan chakra – Story

    Krishna smashing the pride of Satyabhama, Garuda and Sudarshan chakra – Story

    Once upon a time, Satyabhama, who was the wife of Shri Krishna, was very proud because she thought that she was the most beautiful person in this world, while other queens were no match for her. At the same time, Sudarsan Chakra was also full of pride over being the most powerful weapon in the whole universe. Coincidentally, Garuda was also very proud that he could travel longer distances in a very short time. No one can match his speed.

    Krishna arjun gita

    Lord Shri Krishna is Sarvantaryami, which means he resides inside the heart of everyone and knows their inner thoughts. So, he knew that Satyabhama, Chakra, and Gardua were so proud and were thinking that nobody was better than them. The only thing that Shri Krishna hates is ego, and he loves humbleness. So he thought to teach three of them a lesson.

    Hanuman singing name of Ram

    Shri Krishna called Garuda immediately into his room. Garuda came inside and asked, How may I help you? Then Shri Krishna ordered him to “go to Gandamadan parvat (the hill) immediately where Hanuman is residing. Upon meeting him, tell him that I have remembered him immediately at my palace.” Then Garuda went to meet Hanuman. Garuda could move faster than the wind, so he reached the hill very fast. Astonishingly, on the path, he saw an old monkey lying with his tail extended. Then Garuda shouted rudely to the monkey, “Who are you and why are you blocking the path?” Monkey then replied, “I am Hanuman, and I am lying on the ground to take rest due to my old age.”

    Old hanuman


    Then Garuda replied, “Oh Hanuman, I have not recognized you. Please forgive me. Lord Shri Krishna said that he wants you in his palace right now.” Hanuman knew that Shri Krishna and Shri Ram were both the same. They are just different names for the same personality, and he regards both of them as his master. But today he is in the mood for humor. So, he said to Garuda, “Who is Shri Krishna? I only know Shri Ram, and I do not follow the orders of anyone except my master Shri Ram.” Garuda was disappointed and returned to Shri Krishna. He told Shri Krishna everything. Then Shri Krishna replied to Garuda. “Tell Hanuman that Lord Shri Ram wants him immediately here.”

    Ram and Krishna

    Garuda again went to Hanuman and told him that Lord Shri Ram wanted him immediately in his palace. Then Hanuman replied, Oh, my master has remembered me. I am going to meet him right now.” Garuda then told Hanuman, “You are very old now, so it would take a longer time for you to reach the palace. Why don’t you sit at my back and I will take you there in a very short time? I can fly faster than the speed of wind.” Hanuman said politely, “Thanks for the offer, but I will go by myself.” But Garuda insisted very much due to his pride. Then Hanuman caught Garuda with his tail and threw him into the ocean, then moved to the palace. Hanuman is so powerful that even at his old age, he could fly faster than Garuda.

    hanuman flying

    Meanwhile, in the palace, Shri Krishna called Satyabhama and told her, “Oh dear, Hanuman from Shri Ram’s era is coming right now to this palace, but I have lied to him that Shri Ram is calling him. So, I will dress up as Shri Ram, and you will take the place of Sita. Quickly dress up as Sita.” Then Satyabhama prepared as if she were Sita. While Shri Krishna is Ram himself, he just removed a peacock feather from his crown and took a bow and arrow instead of a flute.

    Sita Ram

    Hanuman reached the gate of the palace, where he saw the chakra of Shri Krishna. Chakra always patrols around the palace of Shri Krishna for security. While Hanuman tried to enter the gate, Chakra stopped him. Chakra was filled with pride who did not recognize the greatest devotee of Shri Ram. Then Hanuman called Chakra a little nearer to him. While the chakra came near, Hanuman caught it and put it inside his mouth. Then he went inside.

    hanuman eating chakra

    Inside were Shri Krishna and Satyabhama, dressed up as Shri Ram and Sita. Hanuman reached them and saw both of them. He then bowed to Shri Krishna, who was taking the form of Shri Ram, and asked why he was called. Shri Krishna then replied, “I have not met you for a long time, so I called you to know how everything is.” Hanuman then replied that everything was fine and saw Satyabhama as Sita along with his lord. He then asked the Lord, “Why is this servant sitting with you in the place of my mother Sita?” Listening to this, the pride of Satyabhama is gone, as a monkey is addressing her as a servant. Meanwhile, Shri Krishna asked Hanuman why his mouth was swollen. Then Hanuman told “I met this toy at the gate who was blocking my path, so I put him inside my mouth.” Shri Krishna said, Oh, its Chakra, please free it. Then Hanuman took it out of his mouth.


    Meanwhile, Garuda reached the palace with his wet body. He saw Hanuman reaching faster than him in the palace, which removed the ego of Garuda. In this way, Shri Krishna took away the pride of Satyabhama, Chakra, and Garuda.

    Ram Krishna and Hanuman

    From this story, we can learn that we must always practice humbleness and stay away from pride and arrogance because God always loves humbleness and hates pride.

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