Three types of Misery

    Misery or suffering

    According to our sastras and vedas, there are three types of sufferings or misery. They are called taap in Sanskrit. They are as follows:

    1. Adhyatmik misery (आध्यात्मिक ताप)
    2. Adidaivik misery(आदिदैविक ताप)
    3. Adibhautik misery(आदिभौतिक ताप)

    All three are explained in detail below.

    1. Adhyatmik misery (आध्यात्मिक ताप).

    These are the sufferings related to our body and mind which is divided into two parts.

    Physical misery: surgery

    I. Saririk (bodily) misery (शारीरिक ताप)

    These are the sufferings related to our body which is generally due to diseases. Like a person who got affected by blood cancer and is suffering or a person has just broken his hand.

    Mental misery

    II. Manashik (mental) misery(मानसिक ताप)

    These are not the physical sufferings but rather the mental sufferings. We cannot see it but can only experience. Depression is an example of it. For example, a person is under so much stress to earn money and improve his status. It is an example of mental suffering. If we desire something, then either it will be fulfilled or it will not. If it is not fulfilled then it fills us with anger. On the other hand if it is fulfilled then greed arises inside us. Thus, worldly desire is the root cause of this suffering.


    2. Adidaivik misery (आदिदैविक ताप)

    It is the suffering caused by nature, which cannot be controlled by human beings. Like thousands of people lose their lives in earthquake, flood, landslide, etc. All these natural disasters fall under this category of suffering. The change of season also falls under this suffering. Sometimes we suffer due to high temperatures, while sometimes we suffer due to coldness. All the suffering caused by nature is called Adidaivik suffering.

    Man with gun: gangster

    3. Adibhautik misery (आदिभौतिक ताप)

    It is the suffering caused to us by other living beings. Like a person who was walking just got bitten by a snake or a person is robbed by robbers. Generally, suffering caused by other humans or animals to us falls under this category.

    Shri Krishna

    Since eternity, we have been under these three sufferings, and the reason behind it is that we have forgotten our true selves. We have forgotten that we are the soul, which is the part of Shri Krishna. Rather, we have been realizing that we are this body and getting these sufferings all the time. The question is, How can we get out of this suffering? The only one who can vanquish all these sufferings is Shri Krishna. For that, we must surrender ourselves to Shri Krishna but our ego won’t let that happen. Then, how can we surrender to Krishna? There is only one way which is to sing the names and virtues of Shri Krishna along with his sweet remembrance.

    What is our true goal?

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