What is our true goal?


    Do you know what is the true goal of human life ?

    Want to know who we truly are?

    How to achieve that true goal?

    All of these topics are covered in detail in this article.

    Who are we?

    Before knowing about our true goal, we must know who we are. If we do not realize our true selves, we cannot attain our true goal. Just like in football, if you don’t know which team you are on, you might even hit the ball in your goal post and commit a suicide goal. So, who am I?

    Before that, I want to ask you a question: Why should you believe in my answer? How do you know that my answer will be right? Because I, along with almost all human beings, am under Maya (ignorance). Then where should we go to get those answers? We must attain it from the Vedas and the Sastras because they are eternal and not under Maya (ignorance). They actually appeared from the breath of Shri Krishna while he was sleeping, so it can never lie.

    Shri Krishna meditate

    Let’s see what our sastras and vedas say about our true identity. Who are we? Veda says that we are the soul and that our true cause is Shri Krishna. We are not this body that we have been realizing from eternity. Rather, we are the divine soul, which is a part of Shri Krishna.

    Let’s imagine a car and the driver inside it. The car is like our body, and the driver is the soul, which is the real me. The soul is not any part of the body like the head, heart, lungs, etc.; rather, it is the real me. But generally, people have the misconception that the soul is also part of the body, which is incorrect. In reality, we are the soul, like the driver inside the car. We have realized that we are the soul. We got the answer to our first question. Let’s move on to another question.

    What is our true goal?

    In this world, someone wants to be a doctor, someone an engineer, someone richest person in the world, someone president of their country and so on. It seems that different people have different aims. But in reality, they want to achieve the same thing. How ?

    Let’s take the example of an engineer. He wants to become an engineer to earn a lot of money. With that money, he would buy different luxurious things to fill his life with pleasure or happiness. Now my question is, Why does he want happiness ? The answer would be that it is in his nature.

    Let’s take another example. Suppose someone wants to be president. Why? After becoming president, he will be very powerful, and everyone will respect him. He can do whatever he wants in his country. He will have a lot of prestige. Ultimately, from all these things, he wants to make himself happy. Thus, his aim is also happiness. Actually, every living being on this earth has only one goal, which is to get happiness or pleasure and get rid of misery.

    Shri Krishna

    Soul (we) are the part of Shri Krishna

    Then what is the real reason that all of us want happiness? If the finger prints of two people do not match, then why do all the people in the world want the same thing, which is happiness? The reason is that we are the soul, and the soul is part of Shri Krishna. Who is Shri Krishna? He is the master of the infinite universes and the embodiment of infinite bliss (happiness). Just like a river is part of the ocean and always wants to flow towards the ocean, similarly, the soul is part of Shri Krishna and always wants the infinite happiness that Shri Krishna possesses.

    But unfortunately, we are searching for that happiness in this world. And in return, we get more suffering because the world is made up of Maya, which possesses only sorrows. Thus, we are now crystal clear about what our aim is. Our aim is to attain infinite happiness, which Shri Krishna possesses. Actually, Shri Krishna is the embodiment of infinite happiness. Just as it is said that the ocean contains a lot of water, but the ocean itself is made up of water. Similarly, we say Shri Krishna possesses happiness, though he himself is the source of infinite bliss. So we can say our true goal is Shri Krishna, or infinite happiness, because both are the same thing. Now in the next paragraph, we will discuss how to achieve him.

    How do we achieve our true goal?

    Knowing that our true goal is to attain Shri Krishna, or infinite happiness, we must now know how to attain it and work our way towards it. For achieving Shri Krishna, our heart must be purified, but unfortunately, our heart is filled with numerous sins. Except for some saints like Tulsidas, Surdas, Mira, Kabir, etc., everyone’s heart is impure because they are under Maya. Because it is the property of Maya, which motivates us to commit countless sins. Thus, purifying our heart is our job.

    How to purify our Heart ?

    Now How to purify heart ? Let me give an example. Suppose we have a very dirty cloth. Then how can we clean it? We clean it with the help of soap and water, putting it away from the dirt and mud. Similarly, our heart is like that cloth, which is very dirty. We must clean it with the help of God and his saints, which acts like soap. And we must be away from worldly pleasures, which act as dirt and mud and could again make our heart impure.

    Practical Ways to purify Heart ?

    Let me explain to you in detail how to make our heart pure. The most powerful way is to engage our mind in the sweet remembrance of Shri Krishna. How? I can give you a beginners guide. Put any picture of Shri Krishna that you like in front of you. See the picture for some time and close your eyes. While closing your eyes, try to see the picture inside your heart. Again, after some time, open your eyes and see the picture. Again, close your eyes and make the picture inside your heart.

    Repeat the process, and we must at least do this for 10 minutes daily. One thing we must be careful with is the picture we imagine. We must think that he is the real Shri Krishna, and we should try to make our picture as lively as possible by thinking he is moving, blinking his eyes, etc.

    Shri Krishna

    Chant the name and virtues of God

    In addition, we can chant the name of God. You can choose whichever name you like. While taking the name, you must always be remembering him in your mind and realizing that he resides in his name. You can chant Hare Ram Mahamantra or Hare Krishna Mahamantra as you like. In addition, you can contemplate his virtues, like that he possesses infinite mercy, infinite bliss, infinite power, etc., and sing them.

    Generally, singing his names and virtues is called kirtan or bhajan, which could purify our mind. In this way, after constantly practicing his sweet remembrance and singing his names and virtues, gradually our heart becomes purified, and after our heart becomes 100% purified, then God will send his saint to you who will give you the divine love of Shri Krishna. After attaining divine love, you can attain Shri Krishna along with his infinite bliss. Never again will you have to suffer in this material world and be under Maya. You can always serve Shri Krishna in his divine abode, Golok.

    In this way, we (the soul) can achieve our true goal.

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